Hire Me (求职)


Expected to obtain my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering in the fall of 2018, I am currently actively seeking job opportunities related to the following topics:

  • Microrobotics/Robotics: My Ph.D. program focuses on magnetic microrobotics. I am an expert at designing and characterizing microrobots or other small devices using magnetic field generated by permanent magnets or electromagnetic coils as the signal and power source.
  • Microfabrication: I am familiar with the techniques used to fabricate sub-millimeter scale features and devices, such as microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices.
  • GUI Design and C Language: I used C language to build a control system with a graphic user interface (GUI) based on the GTK+ project, realizing the functionalities of sending and receiving analog and digital signals, image processing and object tracking, and feedback control.
  • Matlab Programming and Development: I used Matlab to process data, images, and videos. Special tasks include data mining, curve fitting, parameter optimization, model verification, controller simulation, image enhancement and information extraction, and video processing and generation.

According to my supervisor and colleagues (and also my self-evaluation), I am friendly and helpful in the workspace, enthusiastic about the work at my hand, and have a strong sense of responsibility. If you are interested, I can be reached at jzhang.sd@gmail.com.

Additional Information

Professional Instruments

I am an expert in using the following instruments:

  • 3D Electromagnetic Coil System. This custom-built electromagnetic coil system has six coils, which are divided into 3 pairs and nested symmetrically along the x, y, and z axes. This system is capable of generating uniform magnetic field up to 15 mT along an arbitrary 3D direction within its central workspace. In addition, it can also create nonuniform magnetic fields, which is useful for exerting magnetic forces on magnetic microrobots.
  • FemtoTools Micromechanical Testing and Assembly System. Developed by a group of scientists and engineers in Switzerland, this system consists of a high-precision 3D robotic stage, a control unit, and a custom designed GUI interface based on LabVIEW. Combined with the microforce probes and microgrippers developed by FemtoTools, this system can measure forces at the scale of micro-Netow and perform accurate assembly for micro-devices, such as MEMS.
  • IL3 High Speed Camera by FASTEC IMAGINGhigh-speed-camThe IL3 camera takes high speed imagery and offer an intuitive image data workflow. The capture can be triggered from the GUI or by an externally connected signal. The system also allows the user to use only a region of the sensor to obtain a higher speed at the sacrifice of a lower resolution. The low light mode in the live stream makes it easier for the user to check what is capturing by the camera. The recorded frames can be access through an Ethernet cable or using a web browser on any platform.
  • Model 425 Gaussmeter by Lake Shore. 
  • FO124TC Firewire Camera by FOculus.
  • Epilog Laser Cutter. This laser cutter provides a convenient approach to fabricate prototype devices with low cost and short time. It is capable of cutting wood, acrylic, rubber, etc. Working with AutoCAD and Solidworks, this machine can accelerate the iteration of design and test. This machine contributes to almost every project in our lab. As one example, the wooden pieces in the 3D electromagnetic coil system is manufactured by this laser cutter. This machine also allows us to make small tools for the lab, such as containers to place centrifuge tubes.
  • Nikon Microscope. The microscope is frequently used to observe features at the micrometer scale.

Note: all photographs on this page are taken by JZ in Microrobotics Laboratory.


Computer Operating Systems

I use MacOS on my personal computer for almost everything, except gaming, which relies on my Windows 10 desktop. In the laboratory, I develop custom codes for microrobots in Ubuntu. And I am a fan of Fedora.